Better Investing

Glenn Rushton - Editor


Investment Manager

INVESTING IS COMPLEX, have no doubt about that

For many, it is so complex, that incredibly important subject of investing to secure your financial future is either ignored, neglected, or mismanaged. After working with numerous investors over many years, we feel that there is a lack of qualify financial education – the world is drowning in information, but seemingly lacking in practical wisdom. The purpose of Better Investing is to break complex investment subjects down into simple concepts, so as everyday investors can understand and apply them, and hopefully achieve better results with greater consistency. What many investors do not realise, is that by reconfiguring their portfolio, they could increase their returns AND lower their risk – at the same time.

As investors become more knowledgeable, and therefore better able to assess the pros and cons of a wider range of investments, they are able to construct much more efficient portfolios, delivering better returns for less risk. In investor jargon, we call this achieving a better risk-adjusted return.

Sadly, we often see investors taking far too much risk to earn too little – and this is the key area we would like to address, through better education.

The articles we provide encapsulate many of the critical ideas that years of experience have shown us lead to “better investing”. So, come on this journey with us. We are sure that even the most experienced of investors will earn a thing or two that will prove invaluable.

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